The players from ALTERNATE aTTax have left their organisation and changed two players within the last week, finalising Decod as their in-game leader tank before removing former DPS nil and bringing in Invision. Both new players are from the recently disbanded Oslo Lions. This new roster is expected to announce a new organisation within the next week.

ex-ALTERNATE aTTax most recently came second in a European qualifier to earn their entry into the competitive Overwatch PIT Championship, competing still with nil on DPS. Throughout that run they showed versatility in their players and an aptitude for triple DPS compositions, beating Owly Six and Helsinki REDS.

The team is currently competing in the group stages of the Overwatch PIT Championship with their new roster but have been unable to take any games against the increased calibre of opponent. Despite being 0-4 currently and unable to make playoffs, ex-ALTERNATE aTTax have taken top European teams close in a number of series, beating Dignitas on Hollywood and then Misfits on Nepal.

According to players involved in the recent roster moves, ex-ALTERNATE aTTax had been trialling players for the tank role, playing mostly with Okto since February, but found Decod a better match once he became a free agent. Decod now calls for the team from his role on tank, an uncommon but not unheard of combination.

Once Decod joined the team, they reportedly began over the next month to have discussions about the calling and teamwork structure. They decided to trial other hitscan players towards the end of March, leading to Invision trying out for the team. He joined the team just before the group stages of the Overwatch PIT Championship.

Speaking to Invision about the team’s performance in that tournament, he said:

Before entering the first match this week, I had only scrimmed with them for 1 day, with a 3 day break in between the scrim and match. So I'm really impressed by how close our games have been this week, even though they all ended up as losses. If you look at the end result, it looks like we got stomped quite hard, but most of our games were really close and could've been won if we'd have avoided some of our mistake-plays. I think the entire team is proud of our performance, but we're all also a bit sad for not winning any of the matches.

This sentiment was mirrored by Decod, who said:

We went in with nothing to lose, and everything to gain. We gave it all, but we are only a week old roster. Seeing how we were close in every match we had brings A LOT of hope, we got messages from some teams that we played against, that they were surprised by our performance and didn't expect such resilience and force coming from us.

It is heartbreaking to see so many close matches going in the enemy’s favor, but we still have minor problems that we are working on. Every day we see them going away, it is a journey that never ends, but I see the light shining through the trees more and more. In the end we have gained more than we hoped for in this tournament, and with some practice in the following weeks, we will be one of the best teams in EU.

ex-ALTERNATE aTTax are so far one of only two teams to take a map from Misfits in the tournament despite Group B’s high level of competition and parity. It was a tough group for this up and coming team to progress through, but they showed a proficiency with dive compositions that makes them a team to watch out for.

On the back of their development as a promising tier-two European team, the team is exploring new opportunities with other organisations. Those are expected to be announced within the next week, but for now the team will continue to compete under their mouthful of a name as ex-ALTERNATE aTTax.

The new ex- ALTERNATE aTTax roster is:

  • Joshua ”cRNKz” Santana (DPS)
  • Greger ”Invision” Herland (DPS)
  • Dominik ”NexX” Scheerer (Flex)
  • Jørgen ”Decod” Myrlund (Tank)
  • Alexander ”Ruby” Arvsell (Support)
  • Marcel ”Talyz” Sieprath (Support)