Splyce have removed four of their players to facilitate a merge with Kungarna, sources have reported. Kungarna’s four players left the organisation they played under at Winter Premiere, Ghost Gaming, three days ago and have now signed contracts to move to Splyce.

mykL, iRemix, babybay, and former coach/support MOETORIOUS from Kungarna will be joining the remaining Splyce players PYYYOUR and Graceful to form the new Splyce roster.

Kungarna was picked up by Ghost Gaming less than a fortnight ago before they competed in the LAN finals of Winter Premiere. The team always planned to split in half, with Ajax, ConnorJ, and b1am pursuing opportunities elsewhere. The remainder of the team intended to rebuild under the Ghost banner. They discussed their plans to move to a team house in Southern California and added MOETORIOUS shortly afterwards as a player/coach.

After the Winter Premiere, Kungarna / Ghost followed through with the split, with mykL, iRemix, and babybay tweeting goodbyes to their former teammates. Mere days later, the Team Kungarna twitter reverted back to its original name and announced that the players were “no longer associated with Ghost”.

The four Kungarna players, while searching for another half-roster to combine with, trialled with Splyce. After negotiations between the two organisations, the players decided that initial results had been promising and the teams would merge. This venture will reportedly continue under the Splyce organisation.

Ghost Gaming are expected to continue within the Overwatch scene. They reportedly offered Kungarna a “competitive deal” but the players were more interested in forming this new team by joining Splyce.

Splyce within the last two days removed twidi, ADETONIAN, Moffitt, and shrugger to open up room for the four new Kungarna players. This roster had been together since October, but had failed to make an impact in the top North American scene. These four former Splyce players are now free agents.

Kungarna, when playing with the other half of their roster and playing as Ghost, finished 2nd in the Winter Premiere. They beat a range of competitive North American teams including a 3-0 win over compLexity in the LAN semifinals.

The Kungarna players reportedly signed their contracts yesterday with Splyce and an announcement is expected today.

The new Splyce will be:

  • Andrej "babybay" Francisty (Flex DPS)
  • Martin “Graceful” Wongprom (Flex)
  • Michael "mykL" Padilla (Flex)
  • Luis "iRemix" Galarza (Tank)
  • Mohammed "MOETORIOUS" Abuzahria (Flex Support)
  • Bradford "PYYYOUR" Ross (Support)