Update: Corrections have been made to the Rhinos Gaming Wings roster.

Tomorrow the future paths of eight Korean teams are decided. Six will move into APEX Season 3, two will be left to languish in Challengers. Those teams have already been decided based on their excellent or lacklustre performance in the previous season, but the rosters are not locked.

From small tweaks to wholesale swaps of players and roles, many of the teams heading into APEX Super Week have altered their rosters to ensure victory, according to OGN’s recent announcements.

OGN APEX Season 3 Super Week

Afreeca Freecs Red

First up in the swap shop is AF.Red, who got battered in the ‘group of death’ this season of APEX and begin Super Week against top Challengers team X6-Gaming.

Afreeca Freecs have removed their usual xxx Lagerman and moved takethis to a substitute tank role. To fill in for them, the team has added Shake and Rio on flex and tank respectively, also adding a dps substitute in creed.

  • Attune
  • Tydolla
  • Shake
  • Rio
  • Quatermain
  • Navi


CONBOX Spirit have moved MyungHoon and Liz over to the ‘streamer’ role in the organisation. Dongdong, a tank that’s been sitting on their roster for a short while, may now be part of the starting lineup alongside new additions Asher and Architect on dps and flex.

CONBOX had some promising results in APEX but lacked any punch to their roster after losing Zunba last season. They will be looking to their new additions to help them against the next team with roster changes, and their first opponents, MVP Space.

  • Asher
  • Architect
  • Sleepybear
  • Dongdong
  • Gamsu
  • Twilight
  • Oparochi

MVP Space

MVP Space have only made a slight tweak to their team that finished fourth in Challengers, adding imsorry on dps to form a seven-man roster. They’re a team that could potentially end down in one of the bottom two spots after Super Week; MVP Space will be searching for an apology if their faith in the newest recruit is misplaced.

  • Climax
  • imsorry
  • Larus
  • Daily
  • KuKi
  • Closer
  • Yaki

Rhinos Gaming Wings

RG Wings were clearly one of the best teams in APEX Challengers this season, competing with X6 for the top spot and almost matching them in terms of win record and map scores. In the regular season they beat all of the other Super Week promotion teams, setting a formidable record as one of the favourites.

Which makes it all the stranger that Rhinos Gaming Wings would swap half their starting roster. The team has parted with BRO, TiZi, and xzw and replaced them with a new flex, tank, and support. Umtae has joined on tank after his time on their sister team RG Titan, their new flex player Envy is more of an old familiar face as he used to play with the team in 2016, and strangely the (presumably former) coach for Luxury Watch is now listed as playing support for them, Agape.

Update: It has been reported that Agape is not the coach of LW, and instead BRO has decided to rename and use the same alias. How confusing! Envy is also a rename of xzw, meaning the team has only gone through a single player change.

Are these upgrades? Will Rhinos Gaming Wings be able to match their regular season performance when it matters? Super Week will answer these questions and more.

  • OXO
  • Envy
  • Fury
  • Umtae
  • Agape
  • Mango

MVP Infinity

RG Wings are facing MVP Infinity in their first match of the promotions tournament; given the latter’s promising performance in Group A of APEX Season 2, they should have the talent to be able to escape relegation.

After APEX Season 1, Sylph joined the team from MVP Space, bolstering their experience and ability. He is now no longer with Infinity, having shuffled his way out of the back door. Replacing him is tank Bianca, with whynot moving to support to plug the holes.

  • onefact
  • easybro
  • Brek
  • Bianca
  • Undine
  • whynot


This season’s Super Week will be covered live from OGN by the new Korean casters for Overwatch. Tune in to OGN Global with Achilios, PapaSmithy, Atlus, and Wolf - as always the times will be on our ticker, and check out the event hub here!