KARMA, who first competed together in the World Cup as Team Argentina, has been picked up by Chilean organization Isurus Gaming. The Argentinians will make their debuts for Isurus in the upcoming inaugural season of Contenders South America.

Translation: We present our first Overwatch squad, an Argentinian team. They played in the World Cup last year, were champions several times in South America, and will be playing in Contenders. We are proud and motivated with their incorporation and we know they are going to represent us in the best way.

At the time of the World Cup back in July, the players that made up Team Argentina left their club teams to dedicate practice time to their national team in an effort to make Argentina shine on the international stage. The odds were stacked against them as their group saw them play against a French team that was player-for-player the roster of Rogue, a Danish team that was primarily made up of Team Singularity, and a Thai team in which most of the players had competed for the nation in the first World Cup the year before. Although they failed to win a match, Team Argentina's performance showed promise; enough promise in-fact that the team stuck together as KARMA.

Immediately after the World Cup, Battletoad, the team's support, stated: "After playing in the World Cup we noticed our current level was not far away from the global scene and we regretted that we only had one month to practice as a team for that event since we weren't a team before. So we decided to stick together to be ready for whatever challenge comes next." The roster's decision to remain intact as a club team proved to be a good one, as the team would soon become rivals with the region's top team, Brasil Gaming House, while also competing with the likes of Toronto Esports for Haste Series titles in North America. While matches with Brasil Gaming House were played on similar ping, matches in North America saw KARMA at a distinct ping disadvantage.

KARMA went on to finish second in Overwatch Open Division 2017 North America, losing in the grand finals to The Savages. However, the team would find redemption in the first season of Overwatch Open Division 2018 South America, where the team defeated its competitors to take the title. Their placing in Open Division has secured themselves a spot in South America's first ever season of Contenders.

According to support ddx, there are currently no immediate plans in place for the team to move into a gaming house of any kind. The first Isurus Gaming Contenders match will be broadcasted Tuesday March 13 at 11 a.m. Eastern Time.

Isurus Gaming hopes to establish good karma with:

  • Nicolas "Klaus" Ferrari (DPS)
  • Nicolas "leviataN" Brosio (DPS)
  • Julian "Beast" Lauandos (Flex)
  • Mariano "Nekta" Di Cicco (Tank)
  • Alan "ddx" Salvati (Support)
  • Carlos "Battletoad" Riccardi (Support)
  • Miguel "Bassoid" Oro (Coach)
  • Yurivillar "Ornellas" Ornelas Faria (Manager)