London Spitfire DPS Profit has been fined $1000 USD for making an 'obscene gesture' during the broadcast of his team's fixture against the San Francisco Shock. The League's front office had this to say in the announcement of the disciplinary action:

On Wednesday, January 24, London Spitfire player Jun-Young “Profit” Park made an obscene gesture on camera during a match, violating the Overwatch League’s Official Rules. As such, the player has been fined $1,000 by the league. The Overwatch League takes standards of player behavior seriously and is committed to responding swiftly when violations occur.

As detailed in Profit's apology seen below, the Korean DPS player was under the assumption that he was not on-air, with the gesture intended as a way of confirming an audio check in a joking manner.

Profit's fine is undoubtedly more humorous than other punishments given out in recent times. However, with Blizzard's ambitious project still in its early stages, it has been made clear that the reputation of the League will be strictly protected.