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No doubt Profit had someone translate the statement.

And that's actually pretty standard tone for Korean apologies, given how sensitive KR culture is.

posted 5 months ago

Americans are humans.


posted 7 months ago

Sideshow has become our own home-grown Monte.

posted 7 months ago

What are the chances that Cloud 9 keeps the EU roster to represent in Contenders and have the rebranded C9KDP for OWL?

posted 9 months ago

Or maybe LH will finally take a hint and learnt that if you have a bench consisting of Esca, Gido, and WhoRU but then decide to field LTJ, you've done the managerial equivalent of owning a luxury sports car but decide to saw your legs off and walk on your hands to work instead.

posted 9 months ago

If Mangachu can Junkrat and Immortals can't figure out what to do against him, RNG can win this.

posted 9 months ago

Clench your buttholes, Flash Lux. Big Boy Panthera is coming in.

posted 10 months ago

Blizzard did a really good job of driving away traditional teams, it's going to be hard to bring them back to support the tier 2 scene.

IF Overwatch League succeeds as massively as Blizzard intends, and IF Contenders is managed properly, then I fully expect all the endemic organisations to come back because, quite frankly, they need all the money and exposure they can get.

Of course, LoL's franchising provides competition against which Overwatch will face stiff opposition, but in general the trend for Overwatch League seems to be that it is a club exclusive to the already super-rich: billionaire business moguls and the like, against whom most of the endemic orgs can't match up against in terms of finance nor infrastructure.

And while it could be seen as a dick move to snub the people who built the scene you intend to profit from, Blizzard's intent seems to me that they view traditional e-sport orgs as not profitable enough to fit with their vision (The $20 mil price tag is as big a statement as can be).

However, if this strategy of using OWL to court billionaires while Contenders serves as the more traditional esports smaller-scale league for endemic orgs, then Blizzard will have constructed a system which follows the Major League/Minor League format of many traditional American sports, and thus could work as an economy.

Of course, all of this is predicated on a series of IFs so gigantic that you could classify them as dwarf planets.

posted 11 months ago

Nope, TISrobin confirms that the time hasn't changed.

posted 11 months ago

Got trolled by and woke up an hour early for this.

posted 11 months ago

The only teams Rogue lost to in Korea are the two finalists, one of whom has blown all competition out of the water. That's Lunatic Hai, if you're slow.

NV got further in Apex, but they had a much easier group, as well as a quite bluntly easy playoffs run. NV got utterly dumpstered by KDP.

People are also misreading the close games in the BEAT Invitational. Used to be Selfless who dominates the rest of the local scene and then brings Rogue to close games, and now the torch has passed on to Immortals. It's also worth remembering that Immortals is a well-structured org which brought in sick Korean talent and coaches. For me, it says more about the strength of pre-ban Selfless and Importals than it does about Rogue. Some things can only be summed up by referring to the eye test: Rogue and Immortals both dunked the NA competition aside from Arc6, and then Rogue beat out Immortals. This places Rogue at the top of the Western scene when viewed in conjunction with TakeTV.

Personally, I disagree with X6: while I understand that we're picking from the three top regions and there's an eternal lack of data to filter from, I don't really think X6 is all that great a team. They feel more like a team which has slotted in a lucky break with a patch which anchors their team in the strength of TimeBoy and ChoiHyoBin.

Further, I'm still not convinced with LW Blue. While it seems like a good idea having Flow3r, Pine, and SBB on the same team, I think that people are underestimating what makes Rogue's Triple DPS comp good: Nico can flex onto what's honestly a very good D.Va. Other than Roadhog, none of the LWB Triple DPS play off-tanks (and even calling Hog an off-tank is a stretch), and Pine on Supports just looks uncomfortable. This feels like a season of uncertainty with the team, and with Janus's constant health issues and Gambler leaving the team, I'm concerned about their future.

posted 11 months ago

I imagine that the top-level teams like Rogue and NV will be transferred wholesale into the League.

Other teams with less successes such as Cloud 9 could possibly work it into their contracts that so-and-so is a joint deal (like Surefour and Adam could negotiate their contracts that the two of them will be picked up together).

For teams with less proven results like Kungarna, though, it's entirely possible that team owners will only pick up one or two of their players, and they won't have the same negotiation power.

posted about a year ago

iirc Monte discussed it, and pointed out that draft is illegal without a formal players' union, because otherwise it gives too much power to team owners.

posted about a year ago

tfw Apex is more watchable for Americans than the American finals

posted about a year ago

OVERWATCH: Reporter discovers INSANE RUMOURS behind the scenes of Overwatch LEAGUE?!

posted about a year ago