After a season of APEX, support player Revenge has joined APEX Challengers team Seven, and will compete in the Contenders Trials qualifiers for Contenders Korea.

Translation: This is the new roster for team Seven. Please cheer for Revenge who will be the new member of team Seven! Also, thank you to the other players who participated in the recruitment test for our team!

Revenge made his competitive debut last summer with CONBOX, entering with a reputation as a notable flex player in the ranked ladder. In APEX Season 4, he and the team made it to the quarterfinals, but was only able to get that far after his team was eliminated by Cloud9 KongDoo and LuxuryWatch Red in their GSL group. The roster was eventually released by the organization.

Seven comes in after a successful run in APEX Challengers Season 5. They caught attention following their win in Open Division Korea, and followed it up with a second place finish in the Challengers development league.

With a top finish in APEX Challengers Season 5, the team was invited to Contenders Trials Korea, where they’ll have to fight for one of the four available spots in Contenders.

Seven's roster is now:

  • Park "Bazzi" Jun-ki (DPS)
  • Shin "Ukn0w" Yoon-ho (DPS)
  • Lee "TTuba" Ho-sung (Flex)
  • Bang "Shubil" Min-jun (Tank)
  • Lee "eVo" Yu-seok (Tank)
  • Kim "Mika" Young-jun (Support)
  • An "Revenge" Hyeong-geun (Support)
  • Han Seung-joon (Head Coach)
  • Choi "HaePyo" Seon-min (Coach)

Translation written by TISrobin311.