Korea's Open Division acts as its own rung in the APEX ladder, rewarding successful teams with placements in APEX Challengers or further offline qualifiers, alongside a not-too-shabby slice of the ₩12,000,000 KRW ($10,600~ USD) prize pool.


The round of 8, hosted in Inven's studio, was the summation of numerous regional qualifiers in PC bangs across Korea. The majority of the countries' best amateur teams competed in the event, vying for the sought after position in APEX Challengers Season 5. In the end, Seven took home first place, only dropping a single map on their path to victory. Seven dominated despite the roster having little experience in previous APEX events, concluding the tournament with a 4-0 sweep of Bucheon Nplus.

The teams that failed to claim the Open Division will now turn to the offline qualifier on the 19th. Bucheon Nplus and Bon's Spirit Gaming earned favorable seeds in the offline qualifier as a reward for placing second and third respectively. They will compete alongside 14 other teams, including Lunatic-Hai #2 and DeToNator.KOREA, for the final seven spots in Challengers Season 5.

Final Standings

  • 1st: Seven - ₩5,000,000 ($4400 USD~) + APEX Challengers Season 5 Qualification
  • 2nd: Bucheon Nplus - ₩3,000,000 ($2650 USD~) + APEX Challengers Season 5 Offline Qualifier
  • 3rd: Bon's Spirit Gaming - ₩1,000,000 ($900 USD~) + APEX Challengers Season 5 Offline Qualifier
  • 4th: Revenant - ₩1,000,000 ($900 USD~)
  • 5th-8th: KNC Vmax - ₩500,000 ($450 USD~)
  • 5th-8th: WeeWoo - ₩500,000 ($450 USD~)
  • 5th-8th: NC Wolves - ₩500,000 ($450 USD~)
  • 5th-8th: FatCat - ₩500,000 ($450 USD~)