Following the departures of Gamsu and Twilight last month, CONBOX have received the arrivals of former NC Foxes tank player OGE and free agent Revenge to complete their roster. With their first playoff appearance from APEX Season 3 in the books, the team looks to go even farther for OGN APEX Sesaon 4.

CONBOX has participated in every season of APEX, but were showered with underwhelming results in the first two seasons, dropping out of the group stages in both seasons and saving themselves from relegation in Season 3’s Super Week. Their efforts paid off in APEX Season 3, advancing to the playoffs for the first time from a group contested by LW Blue, MVP Space, and Flash Lux. The trip turned bumpy however when they were drawn into a group of death in the first playoffs stage, and despite some close fights, elimination was handed to them by LW Blue and Lunatic-Hai in the GSL bracket.

Taking the reins of the rocket hammer and tesla cannon is OGE, who previously played for NC Foxes in APEX Challengers Season 4. The Foxes qualified for APEX Season 4 via a top five placing in the league, and despite his removal for JeungMac, OGE will still have an opportunity for a main stage debut with CONBOX.

Revenge will appear on first team, coming in with his notable flex play from the ranked ladder. With the addition of new blood, CONBOX could find the key for a deeper run in APEX.

The team is preparing to face the music once again in APEX Season 4, meeting up with LW Blue, X6-Gaming, and Meta Bellum in Group D of the group stage.

CONBOX’s roster is now:

  • Cho "Asher" Joon-seong (DPS)
  • Park "Architect" Min-ho (Flex)
  • Lee "SleepyBear" Geum-yong (Tank)
  • Son "OGE" Min-seok (Tank)
  • Park "Oparochi" Hyun-joon (Support)
  • "Revenge" (Support)
  • Shin "DongSu" Dong-soo (Coach)