The great Korean shuffle shows no sign of stopping as CONBOX have announced that players Gamsu and Twilight have left the team. The announcement specifies that the departure of both players was due to personal reasons.

CONBOX have fielded a roster in every season of APEX, managing to make it out of the initial group stage of the tournament for the first time this season. Gamsu has been a consistent presence throughout CONBOX's time in competitive Overwatch as the team's "player-coach" and main tank. Having transitioned to Overwatch from competitive League of Legends, his experience in esports and strong leadership skills are well renowned within the Korean scene.

Twilight joined CONBOX as a support player before Season 2 of APEX after departing from BK Stars and caught the public's eye this season by accumulating more playtime on Sombra than Ana or Zenyatta (as per Winston's Lab). The announcement addresses criticism towards CONBOX that was sparked after Twilight publicly shared that he was leaving the roster before an official announcement was made. The team stressed that it prioritizes the well-being of its players and will overcome management issues during their rebuild.

CONBOX are currently scrimming with trial players as they look to fill the absent roster spots left by the departure of Gamsu and Twilight. DongSu will reportedly move to a leadership role within the active roster, whilst Asher will move to the coach role. Expect an announcement from the team in the near future, as the next season of APEX is scheduled to begin in mid-August.

The CONBOX roster is now:

  • Park "Architect" Min-ho (DPS)
  • Shin "DongSu" Dong-soo (Flex)
  • Lee "SleepyBear" Geum-yong (Tank)
  • Park "Oparochi" Hyun-joon (Tank)
  • Choi "Asher" Joon-seong (Coach)