The London Spitfire have announced a partnership with Code Red Esports, a UK-based esports agency. The partnership will see Code Red lead the Spitfire's operations in the United Kingdom, including a venue to be developed for 2018.

Code Red will be responsible for moving the team to a physical space in London. This includes a facility for the team to live and to practice in, as well as a venue that will include a retail store and fan zones. Cloud9 President Dan Fiden elaborated on what exactly the team envisions for their home venue in London in an interview on the Overwatch League website.

“We’re going to build a hybrid LAN café, sports bar, and retail space. We imagine it being the kind of place you would go watch a game on a big screen and get a burger and have a milkshake or whatever with people who also love your team, where you can cheer them on even if you’re not at home. Or a place you can go get some training, or play a LAN match, or if you’re a little kid that wants to play in a Little League—we want it to be a venue for all that stuff.”

Code Red will also be responsible for local partnership development and organization of all local events for the Spitfire. These local events are planned to entail everything from viewing parties to the "exclusive officially authorized Overwatch amateur events in the Spitfire’s home market of England."

For now, the Spitfire will continue to play, practice, and reside in Los Angeles with the rest of the inaugural Overwatch League teams. The London Spitfire make their first regular season appearance on January 11, in a match against the Florida Mayhem.