Fahzix and Tseini have stepped down from EnVision eSports following the team's 11-12th place finish in the APAC Premier last week.

Owner of EnVision, Artur "SuB" Minacov announced the move on the organisation's Twitter:

With recent performances in mind and our eyes set on both Season 2 Contenders and Season 2 OWL, Riley 'Fahzix' Taylor and Jani 'Tseini' Kähkönen have agreed to step down from our active roster. Fahzix and Tseini each played a substantial role in the success of the team over the past several months and we are certain they have only begun their journeys in the Overwatch competitive scene.

EnVision quickly became fan favourites in Contenders Season One, starting the regular season with a four game winning streak. However, the team cooled of as they faced tougher competition, finishing the season with a 4-3 record. They then proceeded to bow out of the tournament following a loss to FaZe in the LAN semifinals.

Trial player numlocked departed from the team following the conclusion of Contenders Season One, reportedly due to his Overwatch League commitments with the Los Angeles Valiant. Thus, former You Guys Get Paid? player Chayne joined the team in Shanghai for the APAC Premier. However, limited practice time with Chayne limited EnVision in Shanghai, especially given the quality of their opposition, resulted in a disappointing 11-12th place finish.

Both Fahzix and Tseini are now looking for a team in either the upcoming Contenders Season Two or the Overwatch League. EnVision have expressed their interest in competing in Contenders Season Two as they eye a spot in the Overwatch League following the conclusion of the inaugural season.

The roster of EnVision eSports is now:

  • Jason "Jaru" White (DPS)
  • Caleb "McGravy" McGarvey (Flex)
  • Anthony "Fire" King (Support)