So far in Europe Misfits, 123 and GamersOrigin all have perfect records at this early stage and will be looking to extend their lead this week as we head into a more crowded fixture schedule next week. Looking to play catch up are Gigantti, Cloud9 EU and the surprisingly last placed eUnited. There is still a lot to be said and done but for the teams with a 0-2 record, a win this week could be crucial with only four teams making it to playoffs.

As with the North American predictions, all staff will get the opportunity to justify their thinking alongside their score prediction. Check out the score board made by FrozenJackal here. This is what we thought of this week’s games.


123 v eUnited

Saturday 2nd September 19:00 CEST/ 13:00 EDT / 02:00 KST

123 are undefeated while eUnited are yet to find a win in a rematch of the Season Zero final, which eUnited took 4-1. eUnited are unchanged since then while 123 have restructured around their flag meta, both teams would expect to make playoffs and this will be a crucial game in deciding both teams fate, especially eUnited.

CommanderX 1-3

Recent form dictates that 123 should win this but a closer look shows 123 beating the two worst teams in the region and eUnited losing to two of the better teams in Europe. It’s hard to tell which way this game will go with this being 123 first real test and eUnited being a much better team than they have shown so far. So this is a bit of a trust your gut kind of call but I think eUnited have the experience and quality of a top team and this will be the week they started their comeback.

Mert 3-1

123 have looked like one of the strongest teams in the competition in the opening weeks, continuing their strong performance in Season Zero despite roster switch ups. On the other hand, they’ve also had favorable matchups against the now disbanded Team Singularity roster and Bazooka Puppies, whilst eUnited have had tougher matches against Gigantti and Cloud9. Nevertheless, I expect 123 to come out on top in what should be a relatively close match.

Scrubasaurus 3-2

I've learned my lesson about 123 being mortal. The team is strong, and I am excited to see them and Misfits playing each other down the road. However, eUnited is on the ropes. They are the team people wanted to have the London OWL spot before it went to C9. They haven't looked like an OWL team so far, and for the rest of the season they will be playing like they have something to prove for the first time since the PIT Championship. They will play better than they have at any other point this season, and I think this will be their last loss of the season.

Harsha 3-1

123 have looked to be in quite good form with Snillo stepping up to the plate and Hafficool and Finnsi doing well in their roles. While they've only 4-0ed weak competition, eUnited's slump presents the prime opportunity to defeat a quality opponent and cement themselves as a real contender.

Bazooka Puppiez v Cloud9 EU

Saturday 2nd September 21:00 CEST / 15:00 EDT / 04:00 KST

Cloud9 EU have only made a single change this week, bringing in MikeyA and moving sinatraa to the bench in a like for like switch. Both are more than competent Tracers so there should not be much change in Cloud9’s play. Bazooka Puppiez have made a similar trade, exchanging kensi for Nesh. The German will be in for a tough debut against the rising Cloud9 EU.

CommanderX 0-4

Since dismantling the Laser Kittenz roster and filling it with talent from across the world last week Cloud9 have looked a completely different team and a real challenger for a playoff spot. While Nesh is probably an upgrade over kensi, MikeyA is better than both of them. I cannot see any other result than a 4-0 for Cloud9, one that will push them towards the top side of the group.

Mert 1-3

This is one of the harder matches to predict this week, due to Cloud9’s roster continuing to change from week to week. Sinatra played a big part in their victory last week but will be replaced by MikeyA in their fixture against the Puppies (at least that appears to be the plan for now) Mike is a talented player and I have confidence that he’ll be able to perform well. Meanwhile, Bazooka Puppiez have struggled in the opening weeks. I still have faith in the Puppies after a relatively strong Season Zero alongside their addition of Nesh but Cloud9’s talent should overwhelm them this week.

Scrubasaurus 0-4

As much as I want the Puppiez to go on a spectacular run this season, it doesn't look like they will based on their first two results. C9, on the other hand, look revitalized by their roster shifts and should be a strong team moving forward. With Nesh now in for BP and MikeyA now in for C9, it will be interesting what kind of impact the players will have on their new teams.

Harsha 0-4

Despite the impending Cloud9 roster changes, I think Bazooka Puppiez has shown enough issues to the point where the new players should not be an issue. Sinatraa might have been incredibly important in last week's match against eUnited, but MikeyA should be plenty when Nevix looks like he's found his old form again.

Team Singularity v Misfits

Sunday 3rd September 19:00 CEST/ 13:00 EDT / 02:00 KST

Team Singularity have capitulated after failing to win a map in their opening two weeks of competition instead, the slot is now being used as an Overwatch League waiting room as the players look to keep themselves warm. Misfits, on the other hand, are unchanged from the roster they started the season with and are looking to keep their unbeaten record going.

CommanderX 0-4

Singularity have a completely different roster now and this would normally throw predictions up in the air but Misfits have looked dominant since breaking away from the all Swede lineup. I doubted CWoosH last week but he performed well against one of the best tanks in the world and the quality of the rest of the Misfits roster speaks for itself. I don’t expect them to break stride this week and they’ll keep themselves at the top of the table, for another week at least.

Mert 0-4

Again this is a hard to predict match, as Team Singularity’s original roster have disbanded and been replaced by a mix team. The players now under the Singularity name in Contenders are actually a talented bunch and I’d expect them to seriously challenge Misfits if they were well practiced. The nature of the roster being formed in around a week leads me to believe that Misfits, who I predict to be the Season One champions, should take this match relatively easily.

Scrubasaurus 0-4

With a brand new roster, I don't think The Team Formerly Known As Singularity will be able to compete with what is looking to be the best or second best team in Europe. This match should be more interesting than what it was looking like earlier this week, it will be interesting to see how this group of players plays together.

Harsha 0-4

The new Singularity lineup looks surprisingly decent, but one week of play is not enough to even compete with the new Misfits lineup. For all intents and purposes, the new Misfits looks like it should dumpster any competition that approaches, and CWoosH's unfamiliarity with the main tank role has looked like a non-factor. The duo of Logix and TviQ is simply too hard to stop.

Gigantti v GamersOrigin

Sunday 3rd September 21:00 CEST / 15:00 EDT / 04:00 KST

No roster changes for either team going into this week's game. GamersOrigin find themselves surprisingly tied for first place while Gigantti is mid-table, another crucial game as both teams strive for playoffs.

CommanderX 1-3

Both teams have found a new level of play following roster swaps and long term I think Gigantti are a better team but with the meta in a mess currently this game will be more open. In the opening two weeks we have seen Leaf run wild with Doomfist and LiNkzr struggle on the hero, this will be telling in this week's fixture. Unless Gigantti come up with an answer to Leaf’s Doomfist and the freedom this allows Hqrdest then GamersOrigin could be sitting pretty with an unexpected 3-0 record.

Mert 3-2

GamersOrigin were one of the teams I slept on going into the competition, after failing to qualify the traditional way. Seven map wins later, I now have a greater respect for the skill level of the Frenchies. A revitalized Gigantti have looked like a playoffs team this season, despite getting swept at the hands of Misfits. This match should be a close one, with GamersOrigin thriving on maps that favour Doomifst, but in the end I predict that Gigantti will come out on top.

Scrubasaurus 3-1

Gigantti is another team that seems to have new life after recent roster changes. Meanwhile, GamersOrigin have looked particularly strong on the Doomfist patch. However, they have yet to face the cream of the crop in this tournament and with each passing week other teams should be getting better at playing against Doomfist and playing with Doomfists of their own. One map win to GO because I do think they can capture one through a series of good playings from Leaf and Hqrdest.

Harsha 3-1

GamersOrigin are 2-0 and have looked like a solid team for the most part, but they have yet to face an actual competitor that will do well in the tournament. Gigantti might have had weaknesses exposed last week, but with a week to shore up communication and talents like LiNkzr and Davin on the roster, I expect them to take the series quite handily. If Leaf and co. do step up, there is certainly a chance for upset potential in this series, though, especially given Gigantti's propensity to fade away when the competition gets tough.