NetEase, owners of the Shanghai Overwatch League spot, have bought their way into the Overwatch Premier Series 2017 Summer event by acquiring the Ice and Fire rosters from Invictus Gaming. Players from the two rosters will compete in the event as Team CC.


Invictus Gaming Ice qualified for OPS Summer by placing 5th in the Spring series, whilst the Fire roster failed to qualify during the Summer Preseason event. Team CC’s roster is made up of eight former members of the Ice and Fire rosters. Joining the players is Nai8, who recently transitioned from player to the analyst, and Muzi, commentator of events such as the Nexus Cup Summer 2017 and OPS Spring alongside his previous coaching role with iG Fire.

NetEase were one of the seven announced owners of Overwatch League spots last month, with pre-existing historical ties to Activision Blizzard as their licensed distributor in China. While Team CC will be the first roster that NetEase have fielded, the company has specifically stated that the team does not reflect the finalized Shanghai Overwatch League roster. It remains a possibility that members of Team CC will make their way to NetEase’s Overwatch League roster but for now that will remain speculation.

The Team CC roster is:

  • Chai "KHeart" Lei (DPS)
  • Feng "Yakumo" Zihan (DPS)
  • Chen " ZiJin" Qinhao (Flex)
  • Zhou "Huamao" Xiaolong (Flex)
  • Zou "YangYang" Mingyang (Tank)
  • Kong "Kyo" Chunting (Supoort)
  • Chen "5King" Zhaoyu (Support)
  • Wang "WinWinQ" Wenjin (Support)
  • Jia "Nai8" Jia (Analyst)
  • Li "Muzi" Dong (Coach)