It's no coincidence that Overwatch's major tournaments around the world have been wrapping up in recent weeks. We've seen the conclusion of Contenders Season Zero, the Pacific Championship, the Premier Series 2017 Spring and Team Story Chapter 2. Even APEX Season 3 will be going on a 22 day hiatus after the Bronze Final this Friday.

"Why?", you ask. Well, dear reader, the Overwatch World Cup 2017 is about to get very real next weekend when the Shanghai Qualifier gets underway on July 12th. Blizzard are putting all the focus on their flagship event and they have just dropped a two-part video recap of last year's thrilling finals.

Of course, will be bringing you continued coverage of the World Cup 2017 right here. We've already been putting the spotlight on Group A and B's teams ahead of Shanghai, profiling the teams of Thailand, China, France and Denmark. We've even sized up Vietnam! Don't worry if your nation of choice hasn't been featured yet... this only the beginning.