Team Denmark enters the Shanghai World Cup Qualifier as the favorites to get second in their group. They share Group B with Team France, which is not a task to be undertaken lightly. Despite this, qualifying for Blizzcon is still very achievable for the tiny Scandinavian nation, as they will likely play Team China or Team Norway to advance into the quarterfinals.

A brief look at Denmark's roster might leave you scratching your head if you have recently woken up from a month long coma. If you were hoping to watch insane tracking from your favorite Danish badboy, you will be in for some disappointing news. Last month, Dafran was given a season long ban from Blizzard competition. This includes the Overwatch World Cup, meaning Denmark will be without one of their greatest weapons.

However, the remaining eligable players for Denmark are no slouches by any means. Four of the players are from the current Team Singularity, a team that just qualified for Season 1 of Overwatch Contenders with an impressive 5th place finish. One of the players on Team Denmark, however, was recently cut from Team Singularity, creating an interesting dynamic within the team.

Normally, this would create a problem, but Danes are not known for putting individual pride before team success. Krytox harbors no hard feelings toward his former team members, accepted their decision to let him go, and is ready to play with them without any problems in the World Cup. Lind went into greater detail, "Of course it's not the same as if he was still on the team, but we left on a good note and I don't see any problems occurring from that," he said. "We can still ask each other stuff and play together, it will be no problem."

The only player on the roster with no connection to Team Singularity is fischer from the Hollywood Hammers. Whereas the rest of Team Denmark is used to playing with their countryman, fischer is likely to find it a pleasant surprise when he starts hearing Danish in the comms rather than the English he has grown accustomed to.

The Team Denmark roster will be:

  • Christian "Krytox" Gyldenloev (DPS)
  • Phillip "Kragie" Krag (DPS)
  • Mads "fischer" Jehg (Flex)
  • Gustav "Nerfdd" Guldager (Tank)
  • Andreas "Lind" Lindblad (Support)
  • Kristian "Kellex" Keller (Support)