OZ Gaming OZ Gaming Contenders KR Rank #18 MELON Shin Jung-ho (신정호) tank Another Kim Kyung-hwan (김경환) tank off tank FR3E has been sentenced to one year in prison and 40 hours of sex offender treatment in South Korea after being convicted for sexual molestation of a minor.

The sentencing stems from allegations that were made against FR3E in June of last year by an ex-partner when he was signed onto Meta Skyfoxes. The organization dropped him the same day after an internal investigation.

Despite the accusations, he continued to play in professional Overwatch, and was signed onto BATTLICA later that year. The organization later merged with OZ Gaming this June.

OZ Gaming ended their contract with FR3E after his sentencing. In a statement translated by Gatamchun, they said that while they were aware of the accusations, they spoke to FR3E and believed it as a "misunderstanding during the relationship." They planned on making their final decision after the court decided, and apologized for not taking the situation seriously.