The Hangzhou Spark Hangzhou Spark OWL Rank #9 BeBe Yoon Hui-Chang (윤희창) flex support QOQ Yu Sung-joon (유성준) off tank GodsB Kim Kyeon-Bo (김경보) dps Architect Park Min-ho (박민호) dps guxue Xu Qiulin (徐秋林) tank M1ka Liu Jiming (刘济铭) support have parted ways with head coach MASK , and will have assistant coach paJion take over his duties.

MASK has been with the Spark since the team introduced their original coaching staff for the 2019 Overwatch League season, and was also a part of X6-Gaming beforehand.

paJion was an assistant coach for the Spark since June. He previously held a head coach position for the formerly all-Korean Vancouver Titans roster, and later parted ways with them at the same time as off-tank player JJANU in April, about a week before the organization split with the rest of the roster.

The Spark's coaching staff currently includes paJion and U4. Their next match will be against the Spitfire tomorrow.