Several players and staff formerly in the Overwatch League or previously on Contenders teams have announced their retirements or that they are going on hiatus. The list of people doing so include Taimou , ShaDowBurn , Sugarfree , Kyb , sharyk , Gods , Phaz , maid and Carter .

Of the players on that list, ShaDowBurn and Carter are not fully retiring yet. ShaDowBurn has not ruled out returning to Overwatch. Carter said he will finish out this Contenders season with Third Impact. Third Impact won the most recent Contenders tournament.

Taimou, Kyb, Sharyk, ShaDowBurn and GODS all made the Overwatch Leauge at some point in their careers. The latter four were not re-signed by their teams in the offseason and have not played for an Overwatch League or Contenders team since. Taimou took a step down from the Dallas Fuel in January to join Team Envy in Contenders, but he did not play a Contenders match this season.

Sugarfree is the youngest person among the notable retirees, doing so at just 15-years-old. He was a member of ATL Academy until they were dropped a few weeks ago.

Maid is the lone coach on this list. He has flirted with retirement off and on previously but said he plans to move on to VALORANT now.

Phaz was with a team 9-1 in Open Division at the time of his retirement. He has been on a number of Contenders teams the last few years and was last in Contenders in 2019 with Phase 2.

A few other players from the Montreal Rebellion also retired today. This includes DPS Leaf , off-tank Shuh , analyst and manager Tanizhq and possibly main tank numlocked . numlocked has said he is still open to offers.