Overwatch League caster Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles has announced he will not be returning to Overwatch next year. He cited "creative and philosophical differences" as the reason for his departure.

MonteCristo had been a caster in Overwatch since 2016 when he was part of the English language broadcast of APEX Season 1 alongside Erik "DoA" Lonnquist. The two entered the Overwatch League together in its inaugural year and have since been casting partners in both seasons of the Overwatch League.

DoA also announced his contract with the Overwatch League is over, however, he clarified he is not ruling out a return to the Overwatch League and that he is currently negotiating and weighing his options.

The pair was one of four Overwatch League casting pairs in the 2019 season. MonteCristo is the first caster from the 2019 season to officially announce he will not be casting in 2020. The league is adding at least one new caster next year when Jake joins the talent lineup.