Samsung Morning Stars Samsung Morning Stars Contenders EU Rank #7 TEK36 Théo Guillebaud off tank Slur Owen Warner flex support Khegasi Adam Benaouadi dps Asking William Vetter dps Chubz Simon Vullo tank dridro Arthur Szanto support have officially announced they've joined Contenders Season 3 Europe. This comes after the organization dropped out of Open Division Season 3 while undefeated.

Samsung Morning Stars joined Contenders by acquiring the spot of Contenders Season 2 playoff team 6nakes 6nakes Inactive Asking William Vetter dps Zaprey Nikolaj Ian Moyes dps ChrisTFer Christopher Graham tank , according to Morning Stars staff. 6nakes disbanded following the end of Season 2. The previous general manager of 6nakes, san alex, is now the general manager of the Morning Stars.

The Morning Stars recently finished announcing the organization's new roster. The team is made up of a mixed-European roster and is coached by Contenders Season 2 champion PiPou .

The new roster will make its tournament debut in the Angry Cup on November 10. They will begin play in Contenders later this month.