Samsung MorningStars have announced they've hired former Mosaic and 6nakes general manager san alex to the same postion. In addition, the team has dropped out of Open Division despite their undefeated record.

san alex was officially announced on the team's Facebook livestream. During the stream, he declared that some well-known players and coaches in the European Overwatch scene would join him as a member of the MorningStars.

Prior to joining Samsung MorningStars, san alex worked as general manager with the staff that would transition from Mosaic to 6nakes. While Mosaic underwent a tumultuous season and ended Contenders Season 1 with a winless record, 6nakes would win Contenders Trials and qualify for the playoffs of Contenders Season 2. Prior to Season 2, san alex was tasked with rebuilding the roster around ChrisTFer and kodak, the only two Mosaic players that remained with 6nakes.

Former 6nakes coach GizmoMCs tweeted out 6nakes was no more late last month. As former general manager of the team, san alex owns the team's Contenders spot.

Among the current members of the MorningStars roster is the team's five Italian players -- Najiny , LUFT , DragonEddy , thebigone and Nisa -- as well as two French players who previously played with the Copenhagen Flames: Chubz and dridro . Also on the roster is Tae, who is a flex DPS who earned the top rank on the European ladder. Their future with the team is currently unknown.

Samsung MorningStars have not officially announced the reason they've dropped out of Open Division.