According to a report from ESPN's Jacob Wolf, two expansion franchises for the Overwatch League have been sold to investors in Hangzhou, China and Washington, D.C. ESPN has also reported the league hopes to expand to 20 teams as opposed to the 18-team goal set before the start of the offseason.

The Washington, D.C. slot was purchased by Capitol Investment Corp., a group led by Mark Ein. Ein is a minority owner in aXiomatic, the parent company of Team Liquid. Team Liquid dropped out of Overwatch in 2017, shortly before the beginning of Contenders Season One.

The Hangzhou spot was purchased by Bilibili, a Chinese video sharing website. It is set to be the second 2019 expansion team to call China home and the third Chinese team overall.

These are the fifth and sixth expansion teams to be reported. Atlanta and Guangzhou were confirmed by Blizzard earlier in the offseason, while Paris was first reported by ESPN and Toronto was first reported by

The Overwatch League's newest ownership won't have long to settle in. The exclusive period for expansion teams to sign free agents begins September 9. Follow all of the offseason moves and news with the roster tracker.