The final four teams of Contenders China will play at LAN in Guangzhou, according to a post on Weibo. This leaves South America as the only region without Season 2 LAN details announced.

The semifinals and grand finals of Contenders China Season 2 will be played at the Asian Games Town Gymnasium in Guangzhou. This differs from North America, Europe and Pacific all of which will only see their grand finals played on LAN.

Stadium picture Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

North America, Europe and Pacific will finish their seasons in each region's respective World Cup qualifier. Australia will play out its semifinals and grand final at the Melbourne Esports Open, while Korea will play in Seoul as the region has all season.

Guangzhou was recently announced as the location for one of the Overwatch League's expansion franchises. Contenders China will be played in a different stadium than the one the Guangzhou Long-Lions use, who are owned by the same group that purchased the Overwatch League franchise.

Teams will have to win their quarterfinals match to make it to LAN. The quarterfinals of Contenders China kick off with an August 11 match between Moss Seven Club and Flag Gaming.