DPS player Sp9rk1e has been suspended from Element Mystic Element Mystic Contenders KR Rank #3 Guard Lee Hee-dong (이희동) dps Xzi Jung Ki-hyo dps Himgosu Hee Su-jeong dps Pokpo Park Hyun-Jun (박현준) tank Alpha Sin Jae-hyeon (신재현) tank Daco Seo Dong-hyung (서동형) flex Jecse Lee Seong-soo (이승수) support rapel Kim Jun-geun (김준근) support for account selling, and will not be included on the team's roster for Contenders Season 2.

Sp9rk1e's suspension was issued after multiple records revealed that he sold his account in May of 2017. While it wasn't specified in the announcement, it is assumed he will remain with the organization and return to the roster following Contenders Season 2.

Sp9rk1e played for Element Mystic in Contenders Season 1 Korea, going undefeated in the group stage before losing to O2 Ardeont in the quarterfinals of the playoff stage.

Element Mystic plays its first match without Sp9rk1e in Contenders Season 2 against Seven on July 7.