Blizzard ANZ have announced that INTerstella INTerstella Inactive Mun off tank Reffiel dps Astr0 Shaun Schofield tank Noosh Nash Ebzry tank Enigma support StolenPicnic Austin Barnett support have had their results from Trials Australia Season 2 wiped for competing with ineligible players, leading to a change in the Trials standings. Surge eSports Club Surge eSports Club Inactive Vero Joshua Che Rolon off tank qoy Lucas French dps WillX Wirihana Owen dps GRTK dps Volonte William McCallum tank Fatebringer Christine Dee support Logical Ryan Bevilacqua support , who had previously secured Contenders Qualification, have dropped to 5th place in the Trials standings while PIXL eSports PIXL eSports Inactive badd Mitchel Baddawi off tank Exirst dps DewBoy Corey Voda dps Camskiez dps Virginya Thomas Hanrahan tank Ackyyy Isaac Berry support Prowlore Jin Yoshida support have risen to 3rd place. As a result, PIXL will replace Surge in the upcoming season of Contenders Australia.

Interstella's disqualification has also lead to changes in the Contenders seeding. Bin Chickens have now been seeded in Group A, with PIXL filling their spot in group B.

This isn't the first time that disciplinary action has lead to a major shakeup in Contenders Australia. Three Alter Ego players were banned just days before the commencement of Season 1, ultimately dooming the chances of the once promising squad in the tournament.