The One Game Agency has announced Season 3 of the Pit Championship. Like in the previous two editions, there will be both a European and North American tournament.

The North American side of the tournament features five Contenders teams and three Open division teams. EnVision eSports EnVision eSports Inactive Jaru Jason White dps buds Casey McIlwaine dps iShiny Bryan McCarthy tank McGravy Caleb McGarvey flex Fire Anthony King support Crimzo William Hernandez support placed in the top four of the Contenders playoffs, while Last Night's Leftovers Last Night's Leftovers Contenders NA Rank #3 NLaaeR Ilya Koppalov dps Sugarfree Kamden Hijada dps Decod Jørgen Myrlund tank NexX Dominik Scheerer flex Ajax Alex Jackson support Dogman Dusttin Bowerman support , Grizzlys Esports Grizzlys Esports North America Rank #0 Sypeh Sypeh Klein dps evokje Elvinas Padegimas support , NRG Esports NRG Esports Contenders NA Rank #6 Poise Park Jong-hyeok (박종혁) dps kevster Kevin Persson dps Stand1 Seo Ji-Won (서지원) tank Smex Eoghan O'Neill flex Byrem support HelloImHalo support and Simplicity Simplicity Inactive zombs Jared Gitlin flex Gingerpop Brice Breakey support WonJaeLee Lee Won-jae support all finished in the group stage. GOATs GOATs North America Rank #2 Boostio Kelden Pupello dps naGGa Nikolai Dereli dps Nomy David Ramirez tank Hooey Estevao Gama flex Tensa support Wavey support , Mirage Sport Électronique Mirage Sport Électronique North America Rank #5 J3sus Christopher Pavloff dps Aether Parker Lewis dps ProGi Julian Maier tank FicaH flex Haku Robert Blohm support CarCar Carson First support and No Clout No Clout Inactive Pugz dps Rigs dps hobbs Austin Hobbs dps VitaCoco Nicholas McCormick tank Hypnott Conor O'Rourke tank Hawk Xander Domecq flex Dino Hunter Traupe support Insomniaq Jason Knittle support recently played in the Open Division Season 2 North America playoffs; GOATs notably took the championship, while Mirage Sport Électronique failed to make it into the top four as the top seed. Six of the teams competing in Pit recently also played in the BEAT Invitational.

The European side includes two Contenders teams, four Trials teams and two Open Division teams. Eagle Gaming Eagle Gaming Contenders EU Rank #1 NiCOgdh Nicolas Moret dps and CIS Hope CIS Hope Inactive kensi Artem Budiak dps uNFixed Andrei Leonov dps sharyk Normund Faterins tank Txao Ilya Makarov flex Engh Andrey Sholokhov support MayN Alexander Mukhin support enter Pit after making the playoffs of Contenders, while 6nakes 6nakes Inactive Asking William Vetter dps Zaprey Nikolaj Ian Moyes dps ChrisTFer Christopher Graham tank , Team Singularity Team Singularity Inactive Obling Jacob Juul Obling dps FahL Thomas Fahl dps Nerfdd Gustav Guldager tank Molf1g Mikkel Djernes flex Lind Andreas Lindblad support Mono Martin Madsen support , Samsung Morning Stars Samsung Morning Stars Europe Rank #14 Caspere Casper Elvelid dps ksp Kai Collins dps Leaf Lucas Loison dps DragonEddy Edmondo Cerini flex Nisa Federico Portolani support dridro Arthur Szanto support Ex0rath Tomas Kotacka support and Northern Lights Northern Lights Inactive Riverboat Umut Demirkaya dps Invision Greger Herland dps Meza Mihail Cristian Păunecu tank Kotetsu Alex Csendes flex Zekor Sebastian Malmström support Veineless Marcel Lehmann support will all be visible in next month's Contenders Trials. The latter two teams recently played each other in the grand final of Open Division Season 2 Europe, with Northern Lights triumphing as the champions. The last two teams are Birb bois Birb bois Europe Rank #0 Massie dps Adi dps wat7 Patrick Marwal tank Vinanrra Vicente Fernández Guerra flex michr Michael Rosen support and Koord Narwhals Koord Narwhals Europe Rank #0 jellis Jordan Ellis dps ksp Kai Collins dps corn tank ottr Otto Boström flex EmmaWinston support joinvoicepls Mathijs Kool support , who also competed in the Open Division.

The European side of the Pit Championship will run from May 31 to June 9, while the North American half of the competition will run from June 3 to June 12. Both the European and North American brackets are available on's event pages.

Each region will play for a prize pool of $10,000 USD. $4,500 USD will go to each tournament's champion, second place will earn $2,500 USD, third place will take home $1,800 USD and $1,200 USD will be won by the fourth place team.

The tournament will be broadcasted on Overwatch Pit's Twitch channel. The casters for the tournament have yet to be announced.