Following the conclusion of the Open Division, the teams that will compete in Trials for the second season of Contenders Korea have been finalized. MVP Space MVP Space Contenders KR Rank #5 Jesp3r Kim Hyun-wook (김현욱) off tank Finn Oh Se-jin (오세진) flex support TTuba Lee Ho-sung (이호성) dps HengGi Yang Chan-hee (양찬희) dps porori Seo Jun-won (서준원) tank FRoPPy Ko Geon-Ju (고건주) support , BlossoM BlossoM Contenders KR Rank #8 SeeYA Shin Dong-hoon (신동훈) off tank ILLICIT Park Jae-min (박제민) dps Mineral Lee Sung-woo (이성우) tank Dotori Shin Hyun-jong (신현종) support Swoon Jang Sung-won (장성원) support , Meta Athena Meta Athena Contenders KR Rank #12 Hoon Choi Jae-hoon (최재훈) off tank innovation Oh Seok-hyun (오석현) dps Whoru Lee Seung-joon (이승준) dps Modern Kim Soo-hoon (김수훈) tank Named support Apache Lee Min-hyeok (이민혁) support , and World Game Star H2 World Game Star H2 Inactive Arrow Park Min-Seok (박민석) dps D3cal Park Sung-in (박성인) dps ZEBAGMonster Lee Jeong-Heong (이정헌) tank F4zE Lim Jae-Hyeok (임재혁) tank Lastro Moon Jung-won (문정원) support Hyeonu Cho Hyeon-woo (조현우) support from Contenders will fight alongside GC Busan Wave GC Busan Wave Contenders KR Rank #4 Ritz Son Dong-hoon (손동훈) off tank Edison Kim Tae-hoon (김태훈) dps DELIGHT Lee Young-hoi dps ION Lim Ji-Heon (임지헌) tank DayDream Song Ji-hoon (송지훈) support Fielder Kwon Joon support , Armament Armament Inactive TopDragon dps DPI Choi Yong-joon (최용준) dps zeus tank Enocass tank Daero support Nogtte support , Frecia Frecia Inactive Ethan Cha Dong-gyu (차동규) dps Insight tank Hungry 정현우 support , and BM Hawk BM Hawk Rank #0 VENDETTA Lee Jiseok dps V3nture Hwang Seokhyun dps Jesp3r Kim Hyun-wook (김현욱) tank Juru tank dissme Yoon Chang-sik support Navillera Kim Geon (김건) support from the Open Division for one of the four Contenders spots available.

MVP Space, BlossoM, Meta Athena, and WGS Laurel Nine fell into relegation due to their bottom four finishes in Contenders, while GC Busan Wave, Armament, Frecia, and BM Hawk qualified for Trials via their top four placings in the Open Division.

The teams will compete in a single round robin, with the top four advancing to the next season of Contenders.