Teams have been informed that Season 2 of Contenders Trials will be played on patch 1.22, the patch currently played in the Overwatch League, instead of patch 1.24, the current live patch which teams in Open are currently playing on in the playoffs to qualify for Trials.

The only teams that currently have access to the tournament realm to practice on patch 1.22 are the Contenders teams currently relegated to Trials. Teams who qualify for Trials through the Open Division won't be able to play on the patch until after the Open Division playoffs end.

Blizzard has since clarified their reasoning behind putting Trials on the older patch, stating that patch 1.23 has issues with stability and patch 1.24 is not yet available on the tournament realm.

Not all players are satisfied with Blizzard's reasoning for playing on the older patch. Dogman, support player for Last Night's Leftovers, has started a petition to play on the live patch. "On Trials matches we're forced to play patch 1.22 without new Hanzo and Contenders is still on patch 1.24," he said. "So Contenders teams have the full amount of time to prep for 1.24 whereas Trials teams will have to wait a month to play 1.24." He is currently looking for signatures from other players to include on the petition.

Trials is scheduled to take place in June. Contenders, which will be played on 1.24, is scheduled to begin in July.