Brazilian esports organizations Revoltz e-Sports Club has picked up the Vivo Keyd roster. The squad will play for the organization in Contenders Trials.

The roster, then UP Gaming UP Gaming Inactive agM Iury George Miranda off tank Kuryama Lucas Escuer dps TH7 Thiago Valente dps Txozin André Saidel tank Th1ago Thiago Fragoso support Himura João Pedro Fonseca Monteiro support , qualified for Contenders South America following a perfect run in Contenders Trials. The team was then picked up by the Vivo Keyd organization midseason and took on its branding.

However, the team was unable to find success in Contenders and wound up finishing last in their group with a 1-4 record, resulting in relegation to Contenders Trials. The team rebuilt their roster ahead of Trials, but were unfortunately dropped by Vivo Keyd shortly after the rebuild.

The team will now have an opportunity to play their way back into Contenders with their new organization and roster. The dates for Contenders Trials have yet to be announced.