Keyd Stars has announced its new roster for the upcoming season of Contenders Trials, featuring an entirely new starting lineup. This comes after failing to qualify for the playoffs of Contenders South America.

The roster of Keyd Stars began the Contenders season fresh off an undefeated Trials run as UP Gaming. The team changed its name after signing with the Vivo Keyd organization before finishing last in its group with a 1-4 record. The team will now need to play through Contenders Trials once again to avoid relegation.

The newest iteration of Keyd Stars will only see three members from the previous version of the team return, all of which will be doing so from the bench. Most of the players on the new starting lineup played in the last season of Contenders on different teams.

Most notably on the roster is former Black Dragons DPS TH7. He was banned from participating in the past season's Contenders playoffs for account boosting. His ban did not extend into the next season, and as a result he will be eligible to play in the team's upcoming Contenders Trials run.

Keyd Stars will be playing to remain in Contenders South America along with Dogma e-Sports, Encore e-Sports and Predators Esports. There has yet to be a date announced for Trials.

The roster for Keyd Stars is now:

  • Lucas "Kuryama" Escuer (DPS)
  • Thiago "TH7" Valente (DPS)
  • Iury "agM" George Miranda (Flex)
  • André "Txozin" Saidel (Tank)
  • Thiago "Th1ago" Fragoso (Support)
  • João Pedro "Himura" Fonseca Monteiro (Support)
  • Marcos "MVKS" Kassak (Substitute)
  • Luis "deh" André Gomes (Substitute)
  • "Kalaz" (Substitute)
  • Leonardo "Leo" Diniz (Coach and Substitute)
  • "Ayrin" (Manager)