Just a day after the final four teams bound for Poland were set in the Contenders Europe playoffs, Blizzard has released information about the venue, talent lineup and dates for both regions. Additionally, it has been revealed that the champion of each region will play in a showmatch at the event.

The teams will play at Alvernia Planet, a studio in between Katowice and Krakow. Matches in both regions will be played beginning 12 p.m. CEST (6 a.m. EDT) on Saturday, May 12 and beginning 1 p.m. CEST (7 a.m. EDT) Sunday, May 13. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

At the end of the two championship matches, a showmatch will be played between the Contenders Europe and Contenders North America champions. The showmatch will be a best-of-five series.

The talent lineup for the playoffs and the streams the event will be broadcasted on were also made available. They are as follows:


  • Sam “TechGirl” Wright
  • Derry “Dezachu” Holt
  • Thomas “Tridd” Underwood
  • Jack “Jaws” Wright
  • Harry “Legday” Pollitt
  • Andrew “ZP” Rush
  • James “Jamerson” Lee


Additional information, including a list of the teams participating in the LAN playoffs, can be found within over.gg's previous article.