The Overwatch League has announced an all-access pass for its Overwatch League livestreams. The pass, which will give all-access privileges for the remainder of the season, costs $29.99 USD and $19.99 USD for Twitch Prime members. The Twitch Prime discount expires April 11.

Overwatch League's all-access most notably gives viewers access to what has been dubbed the Overwatch League Command Center. The Command Center will serve as an alternate livestream on match days featuring different in-game camera angles, backstage cameras, player POVs and most notably real-time stats. The Command Center will be free to all viewers until May 16.

Other features included in the pass are exclusive VODs and an exclusive chat, match day AMAs and a weekly series in which Overwatch League players will give analysis on recent matches. The pass will allow viewers to watch the stream without commercials and will unlock unique Twitch emotes. Additionally, unique in-game items will be unlocked for pass holders including several Overwatch League skins, a spray and a player icon.

Command Center The Command Center is available below the livestream.