The Samsung MorningStars have announced their second roster, Samsung MorningStars Black. The team is made up of a players from the 2017 Italian World Cup team mixed with a pair of Korean free agents.

The roster consists of carnifex, claris, fighteR, Bimbz, Nisa and Quartermain. They will be coached by SharPPP, former coach of UB Team, a team that included both Bimbz and Nisa. While Nisa, Bimbz and Quartermain have all traditionally played support, Bimbz will play tank for the squad.

claris makes his return to the professional scene after last playing briefly for the Laser Kittenz in the second quarter of 2017. Prior to his Laser Kittenz stint, he played for Rhinos Gaming Titan and was briefly a member of Lunatic-Hai before he was unceremoniously removed following outcry from the team's fans. Quartermain has spent most of his career with Afreeca Freecs Red, but more recently played for Kongdoo Panthera during APEX Season 4 and the Seoul Supercup.

The Italians on the roster have seen varying levels of success since failing to secure a map during the group stage of last year's World Cup. carnifex and fighteR of Epok Team defeated the Mkers of Nisa and Bimbz in the quarterfinals of Open Division Season 2 Europe.

The sister team of MorningStars Black, MorningStars Blue, was released earlier in the week. The roster of Blue most notably includes linepro and DNCE.