Just a day after ESPN's Rod Breslau dropped a bombshell of Academy roster news, the Overwatch Contenders website was updated to feature every team competing in this season of Contenders, including each Academy team.

Not every team has officially announced rosters, but the majority of players on Academy teams are known thanks to the ESPN report. Some players are longtime pros and well-known in the community, while others are up-and-comers or diamonds in the rough. Some teams, such as the British Hurricane picked up preexisting local rosters while others built their teams from free agents across the world. Most importantly, some Academy teams have really good names, while others lack inspiration.

Based on a mix of official announcements and the initial ESPN report, here is a list of each player competing on an Academy team. Updates will be made as official announcements come over the next few days:

XL2 Academy (New York Excelsior) - @XL2

British Hurricane (London Spitfire) - @Hurricane

OpTic Academy (Houston Outlaws) - @OpTicGaming

Toronto Esports (Boston Uprising) - @TOesports

Florida Fury (Florida Mayhem)

NRG Esports (San Francisco Shock) - @NRGgg

Gladiators Legion (Los Angeles Gladiators) - @GLALegion

Fusion University (Philadelphia Fusion) - @FusionUni