After making roster moves last December, the Foxes have undergone additional changes to their lineup ahead of Contenders Korea. Flex players Hyeok and Pumple have left the team, with former CONBOX support player Oparochi and free agent flex player Stand1 taking their place.

Translation: This is the official roster for Foxes. Stand1 and Oparochi has joined our team. Please welcome them! Pumple has decided to end his pro career after the Nexus Cup.

Hyeok and Pumple’s departure marks the end of their tenure with the skulk. The two were previously with Flash Lux in APEX Season 1, and in the wake of them leaving the team, the former joined wNv.KR, while the later went on hiatus. Pumple became a part of the Foxes' incarnation last May, with Hyeok later tagging along in June after wNv.KR disbanded. The duo helped the team finish 4th in their first season of APEX in APEX Season 4.

Oparochi arrives after a long tenure on CONBOX throughout all four seasons of APEX. The team was unable to advance further than the quarterfinals in APEX, only making it to the top eight in Season 3 and 4, and were eventually released by the organisation last October.

Not much is known about Stand1, and his recruitment marks his first notable appearance in the competitive scene.

The Foxes made their debut in the APEX circuit in APEX Challengers Season 4, placing in the top five and earning an automatic promotion to the main division of APEX. The roster that rose to 4th place in APEX Season 4 however is almost long gone, with only SASIN and E1KiNo remaining.

The Foxes now await for Contenders Korea in March, having received an invite to the main season thanks to their 4th place finish in APEX Season 4.

The new skulk of Foxes are now:

  • Kang "Adora" Jae-hwan (DPS)
  • Kim "E1KiNo" Geun-hyeong (DPS)
  • Song "SASIN" Sang-hyeon (DPS)
  • Seo "Stand1" Ji-won (Flex)
  • Shin "Hyeok" Jae-hyeok (Flex)
  • Kim "Need" Min-chul (Flex)
  • Park "Quinas" Min-sub (Tank)
  • Park "Oparochi" Hyun-joon (Support)
  • David "Billinaire" Kim (Head Coach)
  • Sim "SimSeungBo" Seung-bo (Coach)

Translation written by TISrobin311.