Libalent Supreme has announced the disbandment of their roster. This move comes after a winless run in the most recent season of the Overwatch Pacific Championship.

Libalent Supreme entered the Overwatch Pacific Championship after finishing second in the event's qualifier to Ardeont. Their victory over DeToNator.KOREA on July 6 in that qualifier would be their last against international competion, as they would only win one map in the entirety of the Overwatch Pacific Championship, namely King's Row against Flash Wolves.

Jasper and deartn, who each played for the Japanese World Cup Team this year, will remain in the Overwatch scene, as will rion and hotate. Pepper, seleyne, and team manager Fran will all remain with the Libalent organization, although their new roles within it are not yet clear. keisuke3 will retire from Overwatch to play comeptitive Shadowverse.

The next season of the Pacific Championship will be rebranded as Contenders Pacific. With the disbandment of Libalent Supreme, there will be no returning Japanese teams to the tournament, and unless an up-and-coming Japanese team qualifies through the inaugural Contenders Trials tournament, there will be no Japanese representatives at all.