The Angry Titans have announced the departure of EISSFELDT and VorteX from their roster, whilst at the same time announcing the addition of LullSiSH.

The Angry Titans formed in late August as a predominantly German team sponsored by Take TV. The Titans participated in the second season of the Overwatch Open Division but failed to qualify for the playoffs.

michr left the team sometime during the regular season of the Open Division. He was soon replaced by LullSiSH, best known for his time on Vivi's Adventure, who joined the Titans about halfway through the season.

With a path to Contenders emerging for Open Division squads in 2018, teams who have yet to find success in their Open Division play have plenty of incentives to rebuild. The Angry Titans may be just one of potentially many teams who shift around players in the hopes of making their way to Contenders Season Two.