A new majority-German team sponsored by TaKe TV has been unveiled in Europe. The Angry Titans are here with a bearded mascot that could be a brother of Mkers godlike avatar, but thankfully their players are no mystery, having avoided the same painful roster dripfeed strategy.

Bringing the firepower, EISSFELDT and Jona will feature on DPS. EISSFELDT had been the long-standing hitscan of LG Loyal, playing for the team from July 2016, back in the 2sTroNk days, all the way up until midway through the Carbon Series shortly before the team disbanded. Jona most recently played tank for Team Netherlands, although he has experience playing DPS and flex from his time on nerdRage. Their flex player, VorteX, has played for a number of teams across Europe, most notably Seqta. immortal has played hitscan, main support, and flex support during his time in Overwatch, but will be the main tank for Angry Titans. The flex support, along with EISSFELDT, is one of the best-known players on the squad, as AFoxx played the same role for Vivi's Adventure. Their main support will be michr, an OWKings veteran who has been around since the closed beta. Their coach is long-time player and caster, radioboiii.

Angry Titans are now the second team to be created and signed or sponsored in Europe since the end of Contenders Season Zero. While current tournament opportunities are limited, this pattern seems to suggest a little more optimism in Europe than on the other side of the Atlantic for teams that are unable to compete in Contenders Season One. While North American teams that have missed out on Contenders have been losing sponsorship and folding, Europe appears to be sprouting new teams while the most notable European teams to miss Season One, Team expert and Vivi's Adventure, have shown no obvious signs of collapsing.

The Angry Titans will be representing TaKe TV with:

  • Arthur "EISSFELDT" Marx (DPS)
  • Jonathan "Jona" Stelma (DPS)
  • Michael "VorteX" Larionov (Flex)
  • Cem "immortal" Oezgecen (Tank)
  • Fabio "AFoxx" Veigas (Support)
  • Michael "Michr" Rosen (Support)
  • Christian "Radioboiii" Gutzelnig (Coach/Analyst)