For those who haven't followed resident Italian Overwatch expert poi98's thread, it may come as a surprise that a relatively new esports organization has built themselves an Overwatch team in Europe. While it has been known that Mkers had acquired an Overwatch team a couple of weeks ago, only today did they finish drip-feeding us their roster through a series of videos on Twitter.

The Italian organization has chosen to create a mix roster rather than an all Italian one. The first two players announced were Italian supports, flex support Nisa and Lucio support Bimbz. The pair played together on Team Italy during this year's World Cup. The next player announced was Swedish tank ryb, who last played for Cloud 9 and won the Overwatch Open last year as a stand-in for Misfits. The team then announced Russian DPS Txao, who was playing off-tank for Team Russia last weekend in the World Cup after some last minute roster changes. Their last two players were a pair of Frenchman, WoRsS and Tek36, who will be playing DPS and flex respectively. WoRsS last played for Team LDLC whereas Tek36 is most well-known for his time on Melty last year. While the coach hasn't officially been revealed aside from his Italian nationality, some investigative research by poi98 has revealed that it is almost certainly SharPPP, a top Italian coach.

Given that the qualification for Contenders has passed and there are little other tournaments, beside Overwatch Open Division, for them to compete in, it is unclear where and how they will begin their foray into Overwatch.

The Mkers complete roster is:

  • Ilya "Txao" Makarov (DPS)
  • Hugo "WoRsS" Tisserant (DPS)
  • Théo "Tek36" Guillebaud (Flex)
  • Ruben "ryb" Ljungdahl (Tank)
  • Federico "Nisa" Portolani (Support)
  • Francesco "Bimbz" De Luca (Support)
  • Alessio "SharPPP" Mameli (Coach)