APEX Challengers team Bon’s Spirit Gaming have announced a roster shuffle heading into 2018. SeoMinSoo and Ria from RX Foxes and AlphA from Meta Athena have joined the lineup, with the trio replacing founding BSG players xav1o, NohJiWon, and Leo. Former CHG coach paJion was also added as their new head coach.

Translation: The former roster has been moved to sub. In this process SeoMinsu and Ria joined, as well as the new head coach paJion.

Bon’s Spirit Gaming were one of the newest teams in the APEX circuit, qualifying for APEX Challengers Season 5 from the offline qualifiers. Their run in the development league saw them finish in the top four, barely making it through the first and second round robins. The team also recently competed in the SURGE 2017 offline playoffs, but were eliminated in the quarterfinals by Element Mystic.

SeoMinSoo and Ria arrive following a tenure with RX Foxes. The DPS and tank players were the newest additions to the skulk after the team advanced to APEX Season 4 via a 3rd place finish in APEX Challengers Season 4, and took their opponents by surprise in their first season of APEX with a 4th place finish.

AlphA returns after a brief absence from competitive play, previously seen under the Meta Athena banner earlier this year. Athena rose to the top echelons of Korea from Challengers in APEX Season 2, and took 4th place in their first APEX season. However, the team went on a slump afterwards, and were eliminated from APEX Season 3 in 7th-8th place. The post-season shuffle within the Meta Gaming teams eventually saw the tank player depart from the roster last August.

paJion takes the role of head coach after coaching for CHG. His former team competed in APEX Challengers Season 5, finishing 5th in the first round robin, but falling to the bottom of the standings in the second round robin without a single match victory to their name.

Translation: Hello this is team BSG. Our final 6-man roster has been decided.There is a plan to recruit a 7th member which will be notified officially later. We promise to prepare ourselves hard for next APEX and show you what we can do. Thank you for always cheering for us.

Bon's Spirit Gaming also plans on adding a 7th player to their roster in the near future, with details of the next APEX season still unannounced.

With a top four finish in APEX Challengers Season 5, it is currently unknown if Bon’s Spirit Gaming has to play in the Super Week promotion and relegation tournament for APEX Season 5. With the exodus of teams from APEX (either from departures to the Overwatch League or disbandment) cutting the field of teams from last season to eight, there is speculation that OGN might cancel Super Week and allow auto-promotion for the APEX Challengers participants, similar to the auto-promotion in the APEX Season 4 preseason.

Bon's Spirit Gaming's lineup is:

  • Oh "innovation" Seok-hyun (DPS)
  • Seo "SeoMinSoo" Min-soo (DPS)
  • Park "Ria" Seong-wook (Tank)
  • Sin "AlphA" Jae-hyeon (Tank)
  • Song "wellp1ay" Sang-hyun (Support)
  • Kim "SLIME" Sung-jun (Support)
  • Hwang "paJion" Ji-sub (Head Coach)
  • Kim "cheonhyang" San-Sung (Coach)

Translations written by TISrobin311.