NC Foxes have rounded out their skulk for OGN APEX Season 4 with tank player Ria. The addition comes after Seo Min-Soo and JeungMac joined last month, with the team coming into the next APEX season as one of the five challenger teams from the Challengers division.

Over the past few months, the team made their campaign in the lower divisions of Korea since last spring; led by former Flash Lux players Hyeok and Pumple, they qualified for APEX Challengers Season 4 in the offline qualifiers, and passed through the Challengers league to advance to APEX. They stayed near the upper half of the standings for the majority of the season, with 4th and 3rd place finishes in the first and second group stages respectively.

Ria comes in as the dark horse on his first team. With little history behind him, he and the rest of NC Foxes have a lot of work ahead of them if they’re to make a splash against the giants of Korea.

With NC Foxes now yielding nine players, it is currently unknown if they'll be dropping someone, given that OGN only allows up to eight players on a roster for APEX. The team is set to compete against the Kongdoo sister teams and the reinvigorated Flash Lux in Group B of APEX Season 4.

The NC Foxes' roster is now:

  • Kim "E1KiNo" Geun-hyeong (DPS)
  • Song "SASIN" Sang-hyeon (DPS)
  • Seo Min-soo (Flex)
  • Shin "Hyeok" Jae-hyeok (Flex)
  • Lee "Pumple" Jeong-hoon (Flex)
  • Choi "JeungMac" Dae-han (Tank)
  • Park "Ria" Seong-wook (Tank)
  • Park "Neko" Se-hyeon (Support)
  • Park "RoKi" Joo-seong (Support)
  • Park "Crusty" Dae-hee (Coach)