The path to the grand finals was not an easy one for either Canada or South Korea. Canada had hard-won comebacks in both the quarterfinals and semifinals: first reverse sweeping Australia and then digging out from a 2-1 deficit to Sweden. Korea lost the opening map of the tournament to the United States and needed clutch plays from zunba to take the first two maps from France. Despite the grueling paths to the title match, both teams overcame their obstacles to find themselves separated from the trophy with only one more hurdle in their respective paths.

Every map of the grand final was close and displayed the skill of both teams. Despite their strong performance, however, Canada could not take out the tournament favorites, and South Korea was able to walk away with a 4-1 victory and their second consecutive World Cup gold.


University: Surefour opened the match with a pick on ryujehong to allow Canada to get on the point first. As South Korea tried to mount a push of their own to the point, Agilities went in with a Dragonblade and took out both Korean supports to clinch the first stage for Canada 100-0.

Gardens: South Korea capped first on Gardens as Fl0w3R's and Mangachu's Pharahs took to the skies against each other. South Korea held off Canada until they were at 99%, but the Canadians were finally able to capture the point. South Korea eventually took it back for good after Canada racked up 88%.

City Center: City Center started with a Mano flank to take out Joemeister's Mercy. Zunba shut down a later Canadian push by using D.Va rockets to take out Joemeister again. South Korea was able to win 100-0 and take map one and an early series lead.

King's Row

Canada began King's Row on attack and walked through the choke only to be greeted by bombs courtesy of Fl0w3R's Junkrat. He and his Korean teammates held Canada at bay for a lengthy amount of time before finally giving up the first point to the Canadians. That one point was all they were able to get, however, as Canada made it through the streets only to be stopped just short of the second checkpoint.

Fl0w3R opened up the Korean offensive with Pharah, and immediately found himself a pick on Surefour. While Joemeister was able to resurrect his fallen Tracer, he was not able to get away himself and South Korea was able to turn the teamfight in their favor and capture the first point. Fl0w3R saved his Rocket Barrage on the streets phase only to find he didn't need to use it at all, and South Korea were able to come away with a victory on King's Row and take a 2-0 series lead.


Canada attacked first and found themselves struggling to get through South Korea's defense initially. Canada made a change of plan, and as time expired, went up and around the top-right side of the point for their assault and were able to finally capture the point. Canada went on to push second and face more issues breaking through the Korean defense. After getting a tick, the teamfight seemed lost, but a Joemeister Valkyrie and heroics from Agilities' Roadhog changed the tide of the engagement and earned Canada the second point with just 32 seconds left on the clock.

South Korea went to their bread and butter of Hanamura attack and put Fl0w3R on Widowmaker. Despite the pressure Canada put on him, he was able to find Joemeister and remove him from the battle. South Korea was able to snowball past first and take second with 3:59 in the time bank.

Canada walked out of the spawn room on their second attack attempt with only a minute on the clock to capture both control points. Roolf got the first pick of the round and led Canada in their capture of the first point, while Surefour dominated the killfeed on the second point to ensure Canada got both points in the round and four total on the map.

South Korea quickly capped the first point in their next attack and snowballed all the way through second. While Canada had no time left on the clock, South Korea still had plenty, and were granted another attack, and a chance to win, as a reward. Despite the time Agilities was able to waste on Tracer taking Zunba's D.Va on a wild goose chase, it wasn't quite enough. South Korea were able to get the tick they needed with less than 10 seconds remaining in the match to take a commanding 3-0 series lead.


Canada began Junkertown on attack and used a favorite composition of the map: Bastion supported by Orisa and Reinhardt. Surefour unleashed a barrage of bullets from the cart and Canada was able to roll through both of the first two points before finally losing a teamfight. While Canada took awhile to find their footing again, they finally won a convincing teamfight, despite Joemeister getting picked at the beginning of it, and rolled on through to the end of the map with 48 seconds left in the bank.

South Korea walked out of spawn only to be sent directly back into it as Canada decided to go with a spawncamp defense. Even more strange than the placement of the defense was the team composition of the defense; Canada ran only one support as Roolf locked into Roadhog. South Korea finally escaped their spawn after ryujehong put a Dragonblading Agilities to sleep, but were unable to make it all the way to the first checkpoint before Canada stopped them again. South Korea broke through after Saebyeolbe picked Joemeister with a Pulse Bomb. While South Korea were able to get past the second checkpoint, they were unable to get further. Agilities sliced through South Korea with a Dragonblade and Canada won the final teamfight to finally get on the board, 3-1.


South Korea attacked first on Numbani and were able to take the capture point on their first push attempt. The Koreans had a slight hiccup on the streets phase before a zunba Self Destruct picked off two and led to South Korea rolling on through to the next capture point. South Korea kept the momentum going and completed the map with 2:56 to spare.

xQc picked Orisa to lead Canada on their attack attempt and, like Korea, captured the point on their first push. In the streets phase, Mangachu switched to the rare offensive Torbjorn. Despite the odd team composition, or maybe because of it, Surefour was able to get multiple kills off of his Tactical Visor and lead Canada to the second checkpoint. Canada switched off of Torbjorn to finish out the map with just under a minute remaining.

Canada surprised South Korea on their second attack by pushing straight up the middle, and were able to capture first. They were unable to get much further before South Korea halted Canada's push. When South Korea made it to the capture point on their second attack, they found a Mangachu Bastion hiding behind an xQc Orisa shield. South Korea was patient with their attack, poking around to find a weakness in Canada's defense, and finally found one. They took out the Canadian defense and captured the point. Canada put up a desperate defense to stop South Korea from beating their distance, but were unable to. South Korea took Numbani, the series, and the tournament in one fell swoop and became back-to-back World Cup champions.