The weekend kicked off with a flurry of announcements from Jeff and the Overwatch team; a new map, a new hero and a new animated short. With the opening ceremony compete, the stage was set for the Overwatch World Cup finals to begin. The United Kingdom that dominated the Group Stages would face an improved Sweden in the opening fixture alongside the unveiling of the new spectator features. In the end, Sweden would come out on top, beating the United Kingdom 3-0.


The map started on University with the United Kingdom taking an early lead, in their all white uniforms. It was a short lived victory though as Sweden hit back, quickly regaining control. It was an open and action packed stage but a great Graviton-Pulse Bomb combo from Manneten and snillo sealed the deal for Sweden as they took the lead. It was a similar story on City Center as the United Kingdom took the first fight but failed to hang on as Sweden made it a straight 2-0 in the first map.


There were a few false starts from the United Kingdom on attack but a heavy ultimate investment secured the first point. From there it was a straightforward streets stage, but as they pushed the cart up the final hill Sweden made their stand. TviQ was untouched as he rained fire down on the approaching Brits halting all of their attempts.

Sweden hit no such problems on their offence and rolled through the United Kingdom. A six ultimate investment just before second point would prove to be the fatal mistake from the United Kingdom as they failed to hold second and could never recover. Sweden doubled their lead.

Volskaya Industries

EMPs from chipshajen stalled the United Kingdom attacks early on but they found their way through Point A with a well coordinated push. Sweden took an aggressive stance on their Point B defence and it paid dividends as they prevented the United Kingdom from getting a single tick. Zebbosai’s Mercy undid every frag MikeyA could secure and with the relatively simple task of one point and one tick left in front of them, Sweden wasted no time in finishing the match and securing the first semifinal spot in an impressive fashion.