The Misfits-owned franchise that holds the Miami-Orlando spot in the Overwatch League has announced their branding. The Florida Mayhem have become the 11th team to unveil their branding, leaving Kroenke's Los Angeles franchise as the only one left to announce its name, logo, and colors.

In a press release for the announcement, the franchise had the following to say about their new branding:

Florida Mayhem’s team colors are yellow, to represent the Florida sunshine (similar to the Orlando flag); red, a tribute to the previous home of the Misfits roster; and black, an homage to the colors of the Miami Heat, which earlier this year invested in Misfits Gaming. The palm tree is a common sight for Florida and the bomb within the logo symbolize the Mayhem’s future competitive impact.

The team announced that the entirety of the Misfits Contenders Season Two roster had been signed to the Mayhem, including head coach Mineral, in a Facebook announcement. It is expected that more players will be announced in the near future.

Mayhem Logo

Image credit: Blizzard

With only a day remaining before Blizzcon and the opening match of the World Cup playoffs, the second Los Angeles franchise is expected to make their announcement in the next 24 hours. Additionally, it is believed that each team's full roster will be announced before Blizzcon, although this remains unconfirmed.