It was recently announced that players ta1yo and CLAIRE would be joining the Japanese team CYCLOPS athlete gaming. The move sees ta1yo taking the DPS duties over from recently departed Hexbell and CLAIRE taking the support role, relegating Shikumun to the bench.

Following the breakthrough performance of Team Japan during World Cup 2017 performance with, both players had left the highly dominant USG Iridata, where they played alongside fellow Team Japan player Aktm. ta1yo was taking time off to study and decompress, while CLAIRE expressed that it was a lack of motivation that lead to his departure.

The new roster has already been featured at the JCG Master 2017 Summer Finals, where they won the Upper Final and advanced to the upcoming Grand Finals.

The new CYCLOPS athlete gaming roster is:

  • Sean "ta1yo" Henderson (DPS)
  • Daisuke "Nico" Fujikawa (DPS)
  • Seiji "Sa1nt" Tejima (Flex)
  • Kenta "tbnPeltor" Sakamoto (Flex)
  • Naomare "Bep" Onimaru (Support)
  • Tahairo "CLAIRE" Watanabe (Support)
  • Yusuke "Shikumun" Ota (Substitute Support)