Less than a week ago it was noted in an article about newly formed Angry Titans that both Vivi's Adventure and Team expert were alive and well despite not participating in Contenders Season One. That article has not aged well, as only a day later Vivi's disbanded and today Team expert released their Overwatch roster.

Eyebrows began raising after DPS cRNKz and tank Decod announced on Twitter that they were looking for teams. Fans were quickly coming to the conclusion that expert had expired. Those fears would be borne out as the team's flex support, Veineless, confirmed that the team had in fact been dropped from the organization.

The tweet was part of a chain that revealed more information than just the fact that the roster was dropped, however. He followed that tweet with one stating that he believes the majority of the team will continue to play together. Although, he didn't know this for sure, leaving fans of the majority-German team uncertain if they will see the line-up together again in the future or if the players will be parting ways.

The roster of Team expert was:

  • Greger "Invision" Herland (DPS)
  • Joshua "cRNKz" Santana (DPS)
  • Dominik "NexX" Scheerer (Flex)
  • Jørgen "Decod" Myrlund (Tank)
  • Marcel "Veineless" Lehmann (Support)
  • Marcel "Talyz" Sieprath (Support)