Not even a full day since being used as an example of sub-Contenders European teams persisting, Vivi's Adventure has announced the team is disbanding. All members of the entirely Swedish squad are now free agents.

It initially appeared that DPS player Henzu would simply be splitting from the team when he announced on Twitter that he was parting with his former teammates. However, when it came time for the announcement to be made, it was revealed by his teammates that the roster was breaking up entirely rather than attempting to rebuild.

The team had struggled to stabilize after former flex support, AFoxx (now with Angry Titans), departed from the team nearly two months ago. Since then, the team had used a variety of supports to take his place but seemed to be favoring Epzz, although he never officially joined. It was actually iPN who filled the role in their last outing as a team two weeks ago in the ESL Go4Overwatch July Finals. Already down a support, the departure of Henzu led to a domino effect in which the remaining players decided to disband rather than attempt a rebuild.

Vivi's Adventure has spent the majority of 2017 flirting with the upper echelons of Europe as an unsigned team. Vivi's made themselves first known to many back in March when they made it into the top eight of the PIT Championship after winning the qualifier. The team continued to compete with Europe's best signed teams, and often times even beating them, but could never manage to knock off enough to end up in a final with the continent's elite. Their breakout moment came the closest in Contenders Season Zero, where they finished second in their group by map score, but only third in match score.

Since Contenders, Vivi’s had survived by turning the ESL Go4Overwatch weeklies into their playground, winning six consecutive weeks as well as July's monthly final. While fans of the unsigned Swedes will certainly be somber, those looking for titles in Europe's weekly competitions can rejoice that they won't be seeing the name of Hanamura's most popular arcade cabinet on the bracket anymore.

The Vivi's Adventure roster ended their journey with:

  • Erik "Mwumbwahti" Lansner (DPS)
  • Henrik "Henzu" Zudemberg (DPS)
  • Elliot "ELLIVOTE" Vaneryd (Flex)
  • Lukas "LullSiSH" Wiklund (Tank)
  • Sebastian "Zekor" Malmström (Support)