After weeks of rumors and speculation following a disappointing Overwatch Contenders performance, all six players of LG Evil announced they are looking for new teams to play on. The team had given up on scrimming after Overwatch Contenders Season Zero, as they no longer had any competitions to prepare for.

Most notable of the lot is DPS player JAKE, who showcased his skill in the Santa Monica group stage for the Overwatch World Cup and received high praise for his play on LAN. Both train and super also are considered to be top tier players, with train in particular receiving a standing offer to join Team Canada should the opportunity present itself before the BlizzCon finals.

At its peak, LG Evil was considered to be amongst the elite teams in North America. They finished just behind Immortals in the Carbon Series and later found themselves competing with Immortals and Selfless for second-best in NA after Rogue's move. Despite finishing just behind the winners FaZe Clan during the Contenders qualifiers, and sweeping through their group with a perfect record, they could not achieve the necessary top-six finish to guarantee a spot in Season One.

All of the players remain contracted by Luminosity Gaming but are allowed to pursue other opportunities.

The old LG Evil roster featured these players:

  • Jake "JAKE" Lyon (DPS)
  • Rasheeq "train" Rahman (DPS)
  • Matthew "Voll" Wallace (Flex)
  • Matthew "super" DeLisi (Tank)
  • Robert "rob420" Garcia (Support)
  • Connor "Avast" Prince (Support)