NRG flex player harbleu announced on Twitter that he would be stepping down from the active NRG roster to focus on streaming. Unlike when Seagull announced he would be stepping down from the NRG roster, however, harbleu will still be open to offers in the immediate future.

After making a name for himself as one of the best Roadhog and Zarya players in the game on compLexity, harbleu became the final piece of an NRG rebuilding effort earlier in the year. Combined with other popular stars in iddqd and Seagull, the new team's debut performance was a hotly anticipated one. However Seagull left to stream just before their first appearance in the April Monthly Melee. That first day was a disaster as they played three matches without winning a single map. The team never came close to meeting expectations placed upon it and has slowly been dissolved over the past couple of months through cut after cut.

The only remaining member on the NRG active roster is iddqd. However with an Overwatch League spot secured and former Selfless Gaming owner and coach sephy now coaching the squad, the security of his spot for a team wishing to forget about its past failures may also be in jeopardy.